Kevin Kim is the Executive Director of Crazy Love in San Francisco, co-founder of a faith-based technology organization called Basil Tech, co-founder of a startup called Common Coin and an elder and pastor at We Are Church.

He grew up near Richmond, Virginia and received his B.A in Biology from the University of Virginia because his mother told him that Korean people are supposed to be doctors.

He believed her until he met Korean people who were not doctors. It was a moment of existential trauma for him. He's still recovering.

To the chagrin of his parents (they're OK now but it took them a while) he became a minister. That calling to full-time ministry was part prayer, part conviction, part encouragement from his church and part organic chemistry. Who are we kidding? Orgo was a huge part of that.

He went to seminary near Philadelphia and received a M.Div and a wife from Biblical Theological Seminary. Thanks BTS on both counts!

In 2007 he moved to Northern California to join the staff at Menlo Church. At Menlo he served as a Student Ministries Director, Campus Pastor, Teaching Pastor, Director of Innovation and resident male model for diversity.

He also had the unique privilege of working with Gary Hamel and IDEO on a 2-year project called Catalyst.  Catalyst was a project designed to help the church think and be more innovative in its mission and ministry. 

Catalyst used d.thinking and other innovative processes to help launch missional communities, kingdom businesses, tech hackathons and such...for an idea of what the design thinking process looks like click here.

In 2013 he moved to San Francisco to help plant family churches with We Are Church. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and his 3 children--Karis, Ellie and Isaiah.

He is currently working on an exciting project called Read Scripture which you can download in the App Store and Google Play.



May 2013

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